1. Plas-Mac tanks are designed without intersecting welds to allow maximum flexibility and minimize stress on structural welds.

2. All tanks have a floating lid design eliminating stress from frame twists and temperature fluctuation.

3. Many tanks feature a large sump to prevent pump cavitation caused by uneven terrain.

4. Plas-Mac welds meet German DVS specifications requiring 100% penetration through the seam resulting in welds that are 16% stronger than the plastic itself.

5. Fuseal piping is used throughout Plas-Mac tanks. All joints are fusion welded which is much more durable than glued PVC. All NPT fittings are welded inside and out.

6. Internal mounting blocks with an encapsulated floating steel plate are an option on Plas-Mac tanks.
New 200 gallon tank, 52" long x 64" wide in front
x 48" wide in back to fit ahead of and between the fenders in a regular pickup bed. (Houston).

One used 750/30 skid tank 106" long x 54" wide x 37" tall with large sump. Stock # 21994 $1,922.

One new 400/10 gallon tank in stock

One 250/10 new tank in stock.

Two 300/20 new tanks in stock.

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Plas-Mac, Inc. strives to balance quality workmanship and materials to achieve maximum value for dollars spent.

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            2,000 gallon "T" tank for Bureau of Land Management